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How Retro Works

Beginning at 6 o'clock, the evening of April 17, 90FM will begin to broadcast old hours of Trivia. The contest will be on from 6am until 10pm through Sunday April 19. In this day of being careful about being in crowds, this is a perfect way to stay home, maybe get a chat room together and play some Trivia. But, please do not get a team together. After we read the question, you will have 1 to 2 songs to come up with an answer. After that time period, we will read the answer. You will not need to call into the station, we, too, will not have teams of people there to answer phones. We want everyone to come through this pandemic unscathed and in possession of more toilet paper than they could possibly use in the next 5 years. There will be no complaint line, if we are wrong, well, many people are wrong, just some don't admit it. At the beginning of each hour, we will let you know what year the hour was first broadcast. It was pointed out to me that teams have these questions written down, in data bases, etc. They will just look them up. That is true, and some people cheat at solitaire. This is a great idea for a laid back weekend this spring and we are hoping that it never happens again. Have fun everyone!

*All Rules are subject to change, depending on the OZ!!!

There will be no complaint line. Just enjoy the contest.

Welcome to the Trivia website. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, I'll give you an answer. The address is


The Trivia Forum has been inactive and has been closed down. Still want to put in your 2 cents? Go to Facebook and like us! There is plenty going on there. Need a team to join, post that on Facebook as well!