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Playing Online!

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With the magic of streaming audio, 90FM is now able to offer Trivia on line. If you want to have a team anywhere in the world, then this is your game. Simply print and fill out the online registration form located on this site, to the left. Then send it with a check for $75 made out to Friends of 90FM.
Please send to the following address:

Friends of 90FM
1556 Elk St.
Stevens Point, WI 54481

All forms must be postmarked no later than April 1, 2019. I must have this in my hands by Friday April 5, 2019. On Monday, April 8 the New Trivia Times including your registration number will be shipped to you. This will include your team ID number and the phone number to use to dial into the contest

Description of the Contest

Eight questions are asked over the 90FM airwaves each hour. Team contestants are given the length of time for two songs to play in which to respond with an answer. Each team is given one attempt to answer. All teams that respond correctly are awarded between 5 points and 500 points depending on the number of teams who respond correctly. Point values will be announced after the newscast with a 1 hour delay. There are two hours during the contest when only four questions are asked. This allows us time to read all of the team standings.

Music Questions

The music questions are snippets of 8 songs. There are three music questions, and each of the snippets is equivalent to one question. Question turn-in times are in your copy of The New Trivia Times. This is the booklet that you receive at the time of registration.

Trophies for first through tenth place are donated by Point Trophy. Each of the teams will be sent a certificate acknowledging their team name, place in the contest, and point total after the contest.

Welcome to the Trivia website. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, I'll give you an answer. The address is


If you want to talk Trivia, go to Facebook and like us! It's at There is plenty going on there. Need a team to join, post that on Facebook as well!


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